As digital assets whose creations leverage Blockchain technology are gaining traction among users everyday, there should be a safe platform for users to seamlessly complete their transactions, putting flexibility of payment methods, reliable security measures, extremely simplified user interface, awesome support services,etc at the center of consideration. As an upshot , we bring to you COXENA

It is no doubt that good products “speak” for themselves, and Coxena is typic; it offers a high quality platform for users to exchange their digital assets (AliPay, Gift Cards, etc) and fiat currencies (Naira, USD, etc) for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), CXN Network Token (CXN) seamlessly.

It offers escrow services, which ensure both parties fulfill the terms of the transaction justly. As a buyer, you can buy BTC, ETH and CXN by creating a ‘’Buy Advert’’. During the advert creation, you can choose your preferred payment methods, ranging from fiat currencies to digital assets (Gift Card, PayPal, AliPay).

Upon the advert creation, an interested buyer will contact you by clicking the buy button on his or her dashboard; immediately a trade is open and both parties are mutually engaged on the platform, the BTC, ETH, or CXN will be held in escrow, and it cannot be transferred out of the platform until the trade is settled. However, it can be released to the buyer when the seller confirms the receipt of the fund. Then , the trade is completed upon both parties’ satisfactions

In addition, as a step ahead over its harbingers, it integrates a novel feature, “Price Re-negotiation”, and, as the name implies, it allows both parties to renegotiate price after the trade has been initiated. This is to ensure that all users have a great trading experience in a safe environment.

Happy trading!

About CXN Network

CXN Network is a tech start-up, which aims to implement solutions in various industries in response to available and viable market opportunities. The leverage of Blockchain and other components of the fourth industrial revolution is at the core of our operations, and the implication of our operational models is we could deploy centralized and decentralized products in any industry as long as the growth potential indicator is positive.

Our mission is to build robust platforms, which can withstand any amount of influx, cast off any security threat, and stand the test of time(as regards positive users’ experience and feedback). To boot, we strive to make CXN Network one of the largest, tech-solution companies in the world in terms of safety, quality products, trust, active support system, and simplified user interface.

At the inception, the primary target is the financial-inclusion markets upon the discovery of viable market opportunities presented by this domain. As a result, our first products will be released with a tactical approach, which inherently grows its influence and is tailored to the target.



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Coxena is a mix of an exchange and a wallet. The exchange supports spot trading, P2P & instant swap while the wallet integrates fiats and crypto assets.