Coxena Project Updates #1

Technical Updates 👨‍💻

The launch of the P2P and the instant swap platforms via the web application

1. All blockchain nodes deployed on production server
2. Price streamer service deployed - 100%
3. Resources service deployed — 100%
4. Identity service deployed — 100%
5. DNS migration will be done in 24 hours, and the Coxena homepage will be down temporarily during this migration.
6. Some of the services are still to be deployed.
7. The whole deployment should be completed on or before July 10.

8. The whitepaper is being updated and will be released upon review and approval.

Community Updates 👥

1. In June, we started the community building phase, and 2M COX will be airdropped to build the Coxena communities. The airdrop process will start in July, and anyone can participate by performing very simple tasks.

2. We scaled the team by employing a Content Creator to make the use of Coxena easy and exciting upon launch

3. We scaled the technical team by employing a mobile app developer to expedite the release of the mobile app.

2. To those, who are concerned about the CXN-COX airdrop, it still holds and will be distributed after the token sale.

3. The CXN-COX swap process will also be communicated as soon as possible, but we try to avoid stating dates because of contingencies. It will come after the token sale.

4. The COX token sale will be announced as soon as we are approved by a quality launchpad.


The mid-term aim of Coxena is to make crypto assets management, payment and exchange a lot easier, remittances easy to process, implement a great user experience for domestic money transfer, and make crypto-payment integration a lot easier for service providers.

The long-term goal is to capture the Nigerian fintech market, at the core of expansion to other African countries and beyond.