At Coxena, in the past few weeks, we have been hard at work, and a lot has been implemented while we are excited about the journey ahead. These updates detail some of the things, which have been going on behind the scene.

Technical Updates 👨‍💻

The upgrades and integrations of P2P, instant-swap and…

Technical Updates 👨‍💻

The launch of the P2P and the instant swap platforms via the web application

1. All blockchain nodes deployed on production server
2. Price streamer service deployed - 100%
3. Resources service deployed — 100%
4. Identity service deployed — 100%
5. DNS migration will be done in 24 hours, and the Coxena homepage…

We are excited to announce another milestone in our mission to integrate traditional finance and blockchain via Coxena (exchange, savings, crowdfunding and lending) and Coxena Wallet. The public sale of $COX is live on the Yearn Secure platform. Anyone can participate; all it takes is connecting your wallet, and you’re…


Coxena is a mix of an exchange and a wallet. The exchange supports spot trading, P2P & instant swap while the wallet integrates fiats and crypto assets.

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